Sebastian Holzhubers ‘New Rituals’



The ritual as an expedition into the inner self 


Sebastian Holzhuber‘s oeuvre is manifold and complex regarding his pictures created from photographs and illustrating condensed moments of primary self-awareness as well as his powersticks formed out of ritual objects he has collected all over the world.


His current work focuses on the ritual reflected in the widespread spectrum of an archaic act of the interconnected collective based on the mystic magic of tribal cultures, as ascertainment of the contextualization of one’s own in life as well as a concept of celebrating certain key moments in life being experienced as essential.


Comparing to traditional rituals Holzhuber’s rituals don’t resort to existing definite forms of expression within a specific cultural area. The artist, who was born in Vienna and is now living in Amsterdam for 40 years, creates his ‘New Rituals’ rather as work in progress together with the participants and out of their inner creativity and imagination.


For the artist, whose work is also influenced by shamanic knowledge, traditions of the Sufi and elements of therapeutic pedagogy, ‘New Rituals’ are in essence an invitation to start a journey into the inner self, an adventure discovering landscapes of the soul, of the subconscious and in particular the so far undeveloped human potentials.


Dr. Silvia Anner-Aentres, author on science and culture / Vienna 


Sebastian studied painting and art therapy at the Alanus Academy of Arts and Social Science in Bonn and with Magdalena Abakanowicz in Poznan, Poland. He studied with Atum O'Kane, receiving training in 'Art of Spiritual Guidance' and 'The Alchemy of Transformation'. He has lived and worked in Austria, India, Poland, Spain, Greece and in Amsterdam since 1979. 


Holzhuber’s work has been displayed internationally in more than 150 solo and group expositions.